BICO Drilling Tools, Inc. designs and manufactures standard and customized equipment
including Down Hole Motors, ThruTubing Motors, PBL Bypass Subs and Jetting Tools, Non-Mag Collars, Drilling Jars, Shock Absorbers, and Even Wall® Power Sections. BICO also provides maintenance services in the United States and Internationally

Latest updates


App Release V1.0

BICO Drilling Tools is there when you need us. Introducing the new BICO Motor mobile App (available on IOS and Android).

Convenient to use format allows for easy access to up to date product specifications.

Extensive data availability with the option to contact knowledgeable product managers makes the new app an invaluable tool when critical decisions need to be made.

Whether you are in your office, truck, or on the rig floor, BICO is with you.